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About Panavana Europe

Panavana Europe is a leading international e-commerce and parcel delivery company. Its main objective is to make available to the public a wide variety of diverse items.
Nikoleta Ivanova Tchepileva
T o achieve this, we establish strategic commercial agreements and forge alliances with suppliers in multiple markets globally. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that products meet quality standards and are delivered efficiently. This enables our customers to enjoy a reliable and satisfying shopping experience.
Its main platform now is Bodegón 47 Its operations are based on electronic trading platforms. Its main platform at the moment is Bodegón 47. Likewise, we count within our operations with the online store Envíos Panavana, belonging to Panavana USA, an affiliate of Pantev Business Group. Trust Panavana Europe to deliver your products to customers anywhere in the world.
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Your gateway to global trade:
Connecting, shipping and simplifying.

Globalized e-commerce

Our globalized e-commerce service offers a secure and reliable platform for businesses to expand their operations internationally. We connect sellers and buyers around the world, facilitating smooth and efficient transactions.

International shipping solutions

We specialize in international shipping solutions, providing our customers with a wide range of reliable and fast parcel options. We work with renowned logistics partners to ensure that your products reach global destinations safely and on time.

Advancing global logistics together.

In our quest to constantly improve global logistics, we are dedicated to developing and creating innovative solutions. Working together with our customers and partners, we drive logistics progress to ensure the efficient and reliable flow of goods around the world.

  • Process optimization
  • Strategic collaboration
  • Continuous innovation
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